How to transform your home with kitchen and bathroom tiles

Revamping your home can be as simple as re-doing your bathroom or kitchen. These areas are frequented by yourselves and any guests you have over, so they can really breathe new life into how you feel about your property. At the Bathroom and Tile Boutique in Derby, we’re big believers in giving yourself beautiful surroundings to enjoy at home, so you don’t need a ‘reason’ to revamp your home other than you want to. Here’s how to transform your home with kitchen and bathroom tiles!

A Bespoke Approach

First of all, your own aesthetics and style is unique to you, so your tiles definitely should be. We’ll help you decide whether you’re looking for bathroom or kitchen renovation that will blend into the rest of your home or become a lovely stand-out addition.

Beautiful Marble-Look Tiles

Marble was a big feature in kitchens and bathrooms over 2019, and it’s so easy to see why. It’s a beautiful material, but for lots of people the price tag can put them off. We offer porcelain slabs that imitate the beautiful swirls and details of the stone, meaning you can revamp your kitchen for a fraction of the price you’d find with the stones themselves. Marble-look bathroom tiles may look particularly effective as an accent wall as a burst of detail amongst the typical white bathroom furniture. This lets the material speak for the room, giving it a classy look. Marble is particularly popular for bathrooms because of its clean appearance, but may be a little too cold for kitchens and family rooms. Luckily, we have other options for these…

Statement Tiles

Statement tiles are super effective for bathrooms and kitchens that want to add a burst of colour in the modern home. Adding a fun splash of life to bathrooms, these tiles do for kitchens what marble-look tiles don’t necessarily do, which is add some warmth and vibrancy and life. The kitchen is a family room and you might even entertain guests there, so our statement tiles will really add character and charm. Whether you want to play with soft yellows, pinks, blues, or even just textured stone or art deco print, we have the statement tiles for you. Our patterned kitchen tiles can be used in bathrooms, but we think they especially ‘pop’ in this family room.

Wall Tiles & Floor Tiles

Our tiles can be used in kitchen and bathroom renovations for walls and floors, so if you’re happy with your current flooring but want to revamp the walls or vice versa we can accommodate this. If you want both, then we can equally compliment your chosen style and colour scheme!

We don’t only supply the tiles and surfaces for your home, but we’ll also install and fit them too. Get in touch on 01332 294346 to book your FREE consultation at our kitchens and bathrooms showroom in Derby, or book online for a time and date to suit you.

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