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Kitchen Design Trends of 2019

Have a look at the year in design so far

Every year, there are design hits that take kitchens by storm. At the Bathroom and Tile Boutique, we stay ahead of the curve to offer the best bespoke kitchens in Derby. So what has the cutting edge kitchen of 2019 looked like so far?

Here are just a few of the top fittings and designs.

Open Shelving

The trend towards simpler, more clutter-free kitchens kicked off a couple of years ago with the industry-wide desire for minimalist storage, and shows no sign of slowing down - with good reason!

Open shelving might seem like a fad at first, but don’t be surprised if you find your mind changed by the ease of cleaning, the advantage of seeing your equipment, dishes, and foods, and the calmer open feeling these no-frills shelves can offer.

Add to that the fact that this easy-access storage solution can be made from anything from reclaimed wood to mixed metals to tile, and you’ll see why these have been such a success in 2019.

Stone Sinks

The recent reappraisal of the elegance, simplicity, and cleanliness of stone has seen sinks in granite, soapstone, and sandstone popping up in kitchens everywhere.

Coupled with brass, pewter, or chrome hardware - like Zip’s Hydrotap Celsius All-in-One - these classic sinks can turn what was once utilitarian into a fixture of style in a kitchen.

Wood and Tile

The popularity of tiled kitchen just keeps growing - and with good reason.

Easy to clean, available in a range of colours including classic white or newly popular hunter’s green, resistant to heat, and presenting a clean, simple design aspect, tiled walls pair perfectly with wooden shelving and soft lighting like those systems made by our suppliers at Schüller.

Digital Connectivity and Equipment

The verdict is in - the kitchen of the future is smart and equipped to respond to the slightest command, be it by voice or by device.

With the versatility of adaptable and modifiable equipment, your kitchen can be personalised like never before. WiFi, Bluetooth, and mobile command and charging capabilities expand the possibilities of your appliances, storage, and cleaning to previously unheard-of heights.

With the addition of wireless technology, you can now tell your coffee maker to prepare an espresso, turn on the oven, set the toaster, and begin a dishwashing cycle from anywhere in the home with just a word or the press of a button.

The Bathroom and Tile Boutique in central Derby keeps a keen eye out for these and other trends so that you can have the best kitchen design available, all on offer at our kitchen design showroom. So why not call or email today to find out what we can do for you?


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